Hustle Castle Mod APK 1.62.2 (Unlimited Diamonds)

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On the clear ground, the Hustle Castle Mod APK is designed in a way to let you live an interesting and luxurious life of a medieval noble lord. The player is allowed to take the control of the entire castle in a way he wants. You need to undergo lots of construction processes to build a medieval castle for yourself.

To boost your economy, make a strategic plan to attract more and more servants to your land and warmly welcome them into your castle as they will work for you. With this MODDED version, you will be able to unlock many desired features at no cost!

Features of Hustle Castle Mod APK

Unlike many other fighting games, Hustle Castle Mod APK comes with innovative features which never let you feel bored. This game is getting Millions of downloads all across the world just due to its amazing features and high-end gameplay.hustle castle skeleton armor

New World

Being a player, you will be introduced to a decorative medieval world that has all kinds of different activities and creatures to keep you engaged.

Multiple Missions

The good thing about Hustle Castle Premium is that you will be equipped with lots of missions that involve devious orcs, funny ghosts, giant trolls, a scary skeleton, and much more.

Dangerous Enemies

Unlike many other fighting games, Hustle Castle Mod APK equips you with different enemies ranging from weak to strong ones. They are so strong that you need to use magical powers to fight against them. Be the hero of your deeds!

A Lot to Build

The best thing about Hustle Castle Mod APK is that you can easily upgrade your castle to meet the population explosion. Moreover, you can build lots of rooms inside your castle to ease the life of your workers.

You can separately build a research place to search for new technologies, places to train your troops, rooms for your villagers’ stay, different crafting facilities for newly invented equipment, and much more as per your needs. Means you will never stop building!

Online Competition

This is the most interesting feature of Hustle Castle Premium as most players love to play and challenge others online. This allows the gamers to challenge other players from all over the world to take part in the battle to develop their powers. So, you can take support from your friends in an hour of need.

Graphics and Music

On the moral high ground, Hustle Castle Mod APK comes with superb graphics that keep you involved in the game and offers high-end clarity to each placed component. Furthermore, the background music is very clear and not too loud to distract your gameplayhustle castle cheats android

Finally, the wait is over and you’re about to install Hustle Castle Mod APK. As you’re here for the MODDED version to unlock lots of amazing features, so you must know what you’re going to get upon this download. Let’s discuss what new features we have added to this Hustle Castle Hack APK.

Unlimited Money

The one most demanded feature is the money. In the original version, you can build new parts of your castle or can increase the height or other circumstances by spending real money or earning coins from the game.

As you can’t easily earn coins and no one wants to spend real money on such things, so we are providing android Hustle Castle Mod APK unlimited money to let you become rich and influential in the game.

Unlimited Diamonds

Diamond is another important currency of Hustle Castle Hack APK which allows you to buy important game essentials. Although you can earn diamonds in the original version, you will find it hard to collect a lot. That’s why we decided to equip you with Hustle Castle Mod APK unlimited diamonds. You can download Guardian Tales Mod APK having the same features.

Free Shopping

Free shopping is the dream of everyone. In the Hustle Castle, you have to buy lots of construction and decoration material which surely needs ample money or diamonds. So, you might not be able to buy your favorite things for months. But with the hustle castle mod APK free shopping, you can enjoy all the things with greater ease.


As we know that most fighting games can only be played online, so a player might feel uncomfortable in some places where the internet connection isn’t stable. To lead from normal gameplay, you can now enjoy Hustle Castle mod APK offline to enjoy this game anywhere.hustle castle gems


  • You have to look at and build your castle with maximum accuracy.
  • A power rating will be shown on the gaming screen, and you will be able to estimate your potential.
  • Try to keep your power rating high as it will help you to win against enemies, but be strategic at all turns.
  • You have to look for and collect almost all the gears which your opponent holds and also equip your fighter dwellers with these gears to get a much-needed boost to their traits and attributes.
  • To get access to new rooms and game modes, go and upgrade your throne room. But before upgrading this room, try to upgrade all other rooms on a priority basis.
  • After completing your tasks, you can collect your rewards by clicking on the crown icon.
  • In the living room, you have to put a male and female dweller inside to get a baby. The newborn baby will have the potential bit higher than the parents, so he can help you to fight and grow better.

How to Download and Install Hustle Castle Mod APK?

The downloading and installation of Hustle Castle Hack APK are kept simple to let you enjoy every movement from downloading to playing. If you are new to our website, let’s discuss the steps to quickly download it.

    • Firstly, find the “Download Hustle Castle Mod APK” button given in this guide.
    • Click on it to commence downloading. If you’re about to download an APK for the first time, it will ask you to “Enable downloading from an unknown source”.
    • Go to the settings and turn on this option. Eventually, the downloading will be completed depending on the available space on your mobile and the strength of the connected internet.
    • Now go to the file manager of your mobile and open the “Hustle Castle Premium File”.
    • You will see an “Install” button on the screen, click on it to complete the installation.
    • Finally, you’re done!


What is mana for in hustle Castle?

If you want to get a mana well room, you need to explore the production rooms category. Stunningly, you can use it to produce mana for your castle. It’s available at throne room level 4 and you are free to increase its capacity and production by upgrading it.

How do I change my name in Hustle Castle?

Most people want to change their names after some gameplays, and that’s not a difficult task by any means. All you need to do is to enter the first building of the castle and there you will see an option to change the name of your castle on the screen bottom.

What is magic damage in Hustle Castle?

Out in the open, the physical damage comes from Archers and Tanks, whilst the Mages damage originates from Mages. More clearly, the poison is considered the Magic damage and the damage originating from Bane comes under the category of both magic and physical damage.

 Final Words

Keeping the long story short, Hustle Castle Mod APK is the game of your dreams if you love both strategy and fun games. It allows you to build your castle to enjoy your life as you will be having lots of servants around to help you with every task. But just like many other games, the original version of Hustle Castle has some locked features which demand patience and time to get unlocked. As most of us don’t want to waste our time and energy, so we have MODDED this game in a way to provide you with almost all unlocked features like unlimited money, unlimited gems, free shopping, unlimited gems, and a chance to play it offline. What else you can expect? Go and enjoy yourself well!


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