Homescapes Mod APK 5.8.5 (Golden Ticket)

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On the moral high ground, Homescapes Mod APK revolves around Astin’s attempts to restore the glory and peace of the family and to recover the whole mansion back to its deserved glory.

Homescapes Mod APK Main Features

Are you excited to know about the stunning features? Let’s get started!

Innovative Gameplay

These days lots of gaming are emerging with almost the same gameplay which tends to make the users bored and tired of seeing the same style. That’s why Homescapes Mod APK is perfectly designed in innovative and engaging gameplay. And the provided three different difficulty levels allow you to test and build certain skills to ascend the throne as the best player.homescapes game download

Your Distinctive Role

Unlike many video games, your role as a player will be different in Homescapes APK. You’re going to act as Austin’s companion in the game, aiming to help him in solving the puzzles of match-3 to get the gold coins that Austin can use to buy any required gaming items.

Your task in the game is really simple, go and match similar items on a horizontal or vertical row and disappear them. And the gameplay difficulty increases with each next level in the game.

Lots of Missions

To save you from the trouble of playing the same thing again and again, Homescapes Mod APK comes with 400 different missions having 400 different levels which are enough to challenge you on the go. Believe me, you’ll feel highly motivated with each new mission. Each new mission is just like a stage, upon completion Austin will get the money to mend one item in his childhood home.

Spend Money

With the earned money you will help Austin to replace the damaged things, and also assist him in purchasing new furniture such as placing armchairs, fish tanks, doorbells, and much more. Stunningly, at the end of each gaming day or upon completion of a quest, you’ll receive bonuses to help Austin in decorating the house.homescapes game

Play with friends

This is the most loved feature of Homescapes Mod APK. The fun and excitement level gets doubled with you play with friends. So, you can now play Homescapes APK with your friends, invite them from your Facebook friend list, visit their houses and play difficult game levels with them. Also, share your gameplay ideas with them.

Unlimited Assignments

Grounded in fact, Homescapes Mod APK provides users with unlimited assignments which never let the player run out of work during the game. So, you won’t have to wait for the work to be refreshed like in the original version. Moreover, Homescapes Unlimited Assignments allow you to earn more coins.

Unlimited stars and hearts

Another added feature of Homescapes  APK is the provided Homescapes free stars and Homescapes free hears to let you get what you exactly want and to decorate the Austin home more attractively. With the stars unlimited, you can make major purchases.

Unlimited Coins

Coins are the heart of Homescapes Mod APK, as they allow you to customize your game in the way you want. You can make your preferred purchases by using coins. So, with the Homescapes Unlimited Coins, you can buy all the home accessories without thinking twice about the money. And enjoy Homescapes Unlimited Lives in a single play!

Social Media Benefits

Another attractive added feature of Homescapes Mod APK is that you can join its Facebook platform to earn more coins and unlock some premium features. Moreover, it allows you to share your Homescapes finishes mansion pictures with your friends and family member.

Unlimited Power-ups

The most loved feature of this MODDED version is the availability of Homescapes Unlimited power-ups to let you compete with more confidence. You’ll get an unlimited rocket, bombs, planes, rainbow balls, and other power-up combos to clear things in your surroundings.


Just like Board Kings  Stunningly, you’re going to get Ads-free Homescapes Mod APK to enjoy more than ever. No ads will disturb you during the gameplay. Play with ease to enjoy more!

How to Play Homescapes Mod APK?

The most attractive thing about the Homescapes Cheats Mod APK is its innovative and engaging gameplay. Before you get on with this game, you must know how to play it effectively.

How to Download and Install Homescapes Mod APK

Now you’re just about to download Homescapes  APK. If you don’t know how to do the trick, you must read the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Find the link “Download Homescapes Mod APK” in the article.
  2. Click on the link and it will ask you for some permissions if you’re going to install an APK from our website for the first time.
  3. Go to the settings, and enable the option “Allow download from an unknown source”.
  4. Eventually, downloading will be started.
  5. Go to the file manager of your phone Homescapes Mod APK file.
  6. You will see a button “Install”, click on it and the installation will be completed within seconds.
  7. Open the game and you’re done!homescapes apk


How many levels are in homescapes?

There are around 8000 levels in the Homescapes Mod APK. At each level, you need to solve a new puzzle to get access to the next level. But the numbers of these levels aren’t restricted as they continue to add more levels after some time.

How many stars does it take to finish a day in homescapes?

Grounded in fact, Homescapes requires 1 to 5 stars to finish a perfect day of construction and decoration. You can earn these stars from the match-3 levels. But as you’re going to play Homescapes Mod APK, so you will get Homescapes Unlimited stars to enjoy the best.

Final Verdict

Keeping a long story short, you will be acting as Astin’s companion in the Homescapes Mod APK. When Astin returns to his childhood home, he fit that it’s completely ruined and his parents are thinking to sell the mansion. So, Astin starts repairing the house to keep the mansion with him.

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